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SEO Manager - (NOV 2018)


This role is responsible for developing and executing successful SEO strategies for all sites in the company portfolio,Conducting keyword research to guide content teams.Reviewing technical SEO issues to recommend prioritized fixes for the Engineering team. Lead Best Practice initiatives to optimize website content, landing pages and paid search copy. Working with social media and Performance Marketing (PPC) teams to optimize SEM campaigns.

Type: Permanent
Skills: SEO Manager
Rate: THB80K - THB100K per month

Environment, Health & Safety Manager - (NOV 2018)


This role is responsible for performing such duties that will ensure utilities, document, office equipment, and making contact with government agencies (As the representative of the company). Responsible for all aspects of Plant Environmental Health & Safety Management ensure the compliance of all requirements and regulations. Also responsible for staff and related contractor training in terms of the Environmental Health & Safety, both of coordinated and arranged the outside instructor and be the instructor. The routine audit on EH&S and security are also included.

Type: Permanent
Skills: Environmental Management And Safety Management System
Rate: THB60K - THB120K per month

VP - Investor Relations - (OCT 2018)

BTS Pleonchit

This role is responsible for developing investor confidence and belief in the company’s vision and strategy for delivering shareholder value. Monitoring investment research and communicate competitor research information to the CFO or CEO. Communicate the financial expectations of the vested community back to the management and counseling the management to reach the goals, analyzing and present financial trends, competitor behavior, shareholder issues, and anything else that could impact the business.

Type: Permanent
Skills: Finance
Rate: THB60K - THB200K per month

Senior Sales Engineer (Electrical HV) - (OCT 2018)


This role is responsible for handling customers coordination, involving in sales-related initiatives, Preparing action plans to grow in Petrochemical , Oil & Gas. Preparing proposals and contract agreement. Establishing and maintain current client and potential client relationships.

Type: Permanent
Skills: Electrical HV
Rate: THB50K - THB80K per month

SALES ENGINEER (Petrochemical) - (OCT 2018)


This role is responsible for customers coordination, involved in sales-related initiatives, collaborate with inside sales and factory, prepare action plans to grow in Petrochemical , Oil & Gas, prepare proposals and contract agreement, establish and maintain current client and potential client relationships, identify and resolve client concerns, prepare a variety of status reports, including activity, closings, follow-up, and adherence to goals, other duties as assigned.

Type: Permanent
Skills: Sale Engineer
Rate: THB30K - THB50K per month