Interview Preparation Tips – What and How to Prepare…

Here are a few useful tips on how to prepare for your next interview.

If you follow the below tips it will give have a higher chance of getting the job you deserve.

Preparation is key, and you would be surprised at how many candidates don’t prepare properly! Just 10 – 20 minutes of work can help you be a star in your interview!

  • Research the company and the person you are meeting

Here is a link to our blog on 5 areas to research before an interview. Make sure you know as much about the job role, company as possible so that you can show that your skill set and background is suitable for the opportunity.

You can gather information by reading the company’s website and researching any articles that may appear online.

Read your CV and identify your key strengths you can bring to the job

Think about your own the skills and personality that will help sell yourself to the interviewer.

Don’t assume they will read your CV, tell them your key attributes!

Practice talking about yourself before you meet. Think in terms of the value you can add to the position and the company.

Also practice describing and explaining your past responsibilities and achievements at each job you have had which is relevant to the new role.

Practice key questions which you should expect to be asked

Always approach each question asked with the thought ‘If I were hiring someone for this position, what would I want to know?”
Optima has produced a document which has some key questions asked at interviews in Thailand. If you would like a copy of this, please get in touch.

Prepare your own interesting questions

Interviewers will react positively to interesting and intelligent questions about the position.

Questions about career progression opportunities are sometimes suitable, or how the company see the role developing.

Try to avoid questions on salary, holidays, working hours. This can be negatively viewed by some interviewers.

‘Interview back to basics’ advice to follow every time!…

These are very straight forward and obvious to many, but interviewers often provide us feedback that some of these are not followed. Make sure you take care of the basic essentials when interviewing!

Turn up on time!

Make sure you know the location, arrive in plenty of time (at least 10 minutes early) make sure you allow time for parking, traffic, adverse weather conditions (this is Bangkok after all!)

Dress code and appearance

Make sure you are dressed suitable for an office with clean footwear, tidy hair – styled conservatively. Avoid excessive make-up, jewelry or cologne.

Body Language

Give off the right first impression by sitting up straight, hands on the table, where people can see them. Have an open and warm posture.

Always be positive about everything you say!!

Avoid any negative statements about previous jobs or employers. Always be positive in every situation. No matter how bad your last job or boss was, there’s probably something good you learned from the experience.

Emphasise the positive, with a smile!

Next Steps…

If you would like any further advice or help, please do not hesitate to contact one of our recruitment consultants, who can help prepare you for your interview. Email us at

It is our job to work with you to help you get the best job possible. We are here to help!!!!