HR recruitment tips – how can you attract the best candidates?

Finding the best talent is becoming harder and harder for company’s internal HR teams.

The IT and tech sectors in Thailand are candidate driven at the moment, with candidates receiving multiple job offers, as well as current employers trying to offer more to try and retain their existing staff.

Here are a few tips for HR to help you find better talent, quicker.

1. Write more appealing job adverts

Employees need to sell their company and the job role to potential candidates in the current market. If you would like help with this, get in touch and Optima can help you attract better candidates with a ‘killer’ advert!

2. Employer branding and social media

Most candidates research the employers company profile & social media output before applying for a job. Make sure that you show your office and current employees in your social media, so that potential candidates can get a feel for what they can expect.

Share the positive aspects of the office environment, to grab their attention.

3. Existing employee referrals

For certain types of roles, the best source for candidates is through word of mouth from existing staff. Try to ask your most social staff members, who have friends in the industry for referrals.

4. Look at what your competitors are offering, and add in some extra fringe benefits

More of our clients are offering extra benefits to their packages. 2 examples we have seen recently are ‘adventure and travel’ packages for new employees for team bonding and work group travel, along with ‘sports’ packages which include gym membership and discount sports club membership.

5. Use specialist recruiters – Like Optima Search

We aim to fill roles fast for our clients. We have an active database, and use ‘Big Data’ and ‘AI’ on the social media platforms to find passive clients, which our clients and competitors can’t find.

If you would like to speak to us about a specific role you cannot fill, please get in touch