How to find a new job in 2020? 5 easy ways

If you are actively looking for a new job, here are the 5 easiest methods to achieve your move.

1. Adding your CV to job boards

Here are some of the most popular job boards in Thailand. You can apply direct to jobs or simply add your CV to their database.

The benefits are, its quick and free to upload your existing CV, the downsides are it’s not a very proactive approach and there are many applications submitted online per job, so it’s very difficult to stand out from the crowd.


2. Word of mouth from friends and ex-colleagues

This is an ideal way to find out about jobs which are just open to the market, or where your connections can help you get an interview or at least the direct contact for who is in charge of recruitment for you to send your CV.

The downside is, you need to have many connections and most of the time it’s based on pure luck, whether your friends or ex-colleagues know of any positions which would be suitable for you.

3. Networking

A large percentage of job vacancies are never advertised and networking can go a long way in locating job opportunities in your local area.

The benefits of attending networking events on a regular basis are to build up your connections in other companies. This can be a great source of potential job vacancies, but this is very time consuming, you have to attend consistently to get results, and it doesn’t guarantee that you will be able to find any jobs which are suitable for your own skill set.

4. Apply direct on company websites

If you have a plan in mind for which companies you would like to work for, then you can go direct onto the career section on their website.

This method can achieve good results, but its time consuming and it relies on you knowing that the company has active vacancies which are suited to your skill set.

5. Sending your CV to a professional recruiter and having them help you find you a new role

This is easily the best method to find a new job. Recruitment consultants work on your behalf to find you a new job which suits your skills and needs.

They can help you improve your CV, advise you on the current market conditions and get you an interview at the companies which you are suited to. Above all, it’s free as the companies pay the recruiters for their professional service.

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