5 areas to research before any job interview

You would be surprised how many times our clients provide us with feedback that candidates who interview are not prepared and didn’t know anything about the company they were interviewing at!

Here are 5 areas to research, to help you ace your next interview!!!

1. What do they do?

This seems obvious but get a clear understanding for the company’s business.

Make sure you can answer questions like ‘what do you know about the company’ Learn the company’s product, main clients, competitors and services they provide.

Do some research on the company’s website, Wikipedia & social media.

5 minutes research can go a long way to you looking knowledgeable in the interview.

2. What is the company mission statement, culture and values?

This can usually be found easily on their website. You can make sure that your own views are aligned with the company you are applying form.

Here are a few examples

IKEA – ‘To create a better everyday life for the many people’
Tesla – ‘To accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy’
TED – ‘Spread ideas’

Learn the company mission statement before the interview and try to understand how this influences their company culture and values. How will your personality fit in with their culture?

3. Read the latest news on the company

This is key, have they been involved with takeovers or been in the press for anything recently which is interesting and you could mention in the interview?

This kind of knowledge will show you have done your research and could help you in discussions in the interview.

4. Learn the company’s history, current size, locations, business interests

The more you know the better. A simple Google search will help you prepare.

All of this information can be dropped into the conversation to show off how genuinely interested you are in the company.

5. Learn about who their main competitors are

You may be asked the question ‘who do you think are our main competitors?’

It’s impossible to answer, unless you know the industry or have done your research

If you would like help preparing for your next interview, or would like us to help you find suitable roles which you are interested in, please get in touch and send us an email to careers@optimasearchjobs.com